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Dog Training Using Positive Reinforcement
Training by Suzan Bunney - certified by the Karen Pryor Academy*
I’ll teach you ... not just your dog.
You and your dog will learn to establish a system of lifelong communication.
I teach so that it’s a positive experience for both of you!

My goal is to teach you and your dog about ...
“foundations skills” and “behaviors”.

A “foundation skill” is a skill that you and/or your dog need to know in order to enable a lifetime of successful learning. A “behavior” is a specific action that is eventually put on cue, such as sitting politely for petting, walking nicely on the leash, coming when called, settling, and so on.

My emphasis in training you and your dog will be on the foundations skills because it creates a basis for lifelong learning. We all want our dogs to learn certain behaviors, but what’s more important is that they learn how to learn. When you and your dog master the foundations skills, you can teach/learn new behaviors and handle most any situation you encounter with confidence.

My dog training sessions combine the learning of skills with the learning of behaviors. You and your dog learn the foundation skills through the process of teaching the specific behaviors. Each of the behaviors in my classes incorporates a variety of the basic foundation skills. By learning the behavior, you develop useful behaviors and learn valuable foundations skills that will enable you to continue teaching and building new behaviors.

The overall goal of this dog training program is not to achieve specific levels of success in each behavior – rather the goal is to use the behaviors to build and strengthen the foundation skills of you and your dog. You will learn to develop life-long trust, learning and communication with your dog!
These are the foundation skills that are emphasized in my dog training classes:

For Dogs:

... Give attention to handler
... Offer behavior
... Respond to a cue
... Targeting
... Self-Control
For People:

... Clicker mechanics
... Using reinforcement instead of correction
... Shaping
... Cueing
... Observation
* The Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Dog Trainer Professional program takes an innovative approach to developing and supporting outstanding positive reinforcement trainers who teach the general public.

Paws and Claws Pet Resort services include: pet day care, dog and cat boarding, administering pills and medicine (we do not administer injections), training using the Karen Pryor positive training technique. Our kennels are spacious and clean, we apply controls for fleas and ticks on a regular basis. Each pet's individual kennel has a private outdoor run. We have a large play area where some interaction with other guests may be allowed. We do not allow aggressive pets to be boarded here. Our kennel buildings are regularly cleaned and are climate controlled. Paws and Claws Pet Resort is located in the south region of Texas known as The Rio Grande Valley, RGV. We are in the city of Edinburg, Texas in Hidalgo County. We serve the entire Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, including the cities of Alamo, Alton, Donna, Edcouch, Edinburg, Elsa, Granjeno, Hidalgo, La Joya, La Villa, McAllen, Mercedes, Mission, Palmhurst, Palmview, Penitas, Pharr, Progreso, Progreso Lakes, San Juan, Sullivan City, Weslaco, Brownsville, Harlingen, La Feria, Los Fresnos, Palm Valley, Port Isabel, Rio Hondo, San Benito, Bayview, Combes, Indian Lake, Laguna Vista, Los Indios, Primera, Rancho Viejo, Santa Rosa, South Padre Island.